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Woah, Baby!

Dear Little Girl,

The most incredible experience in my life (…in my life…? *Mel, that’s kind of dramatic* …but really it’s true…happened on Tuesday night as I crawled into bed. With head propped on two pillows and a third folded up under my legs (because all the pillows are necessary at this point in pregnancy sleep), I turned out the light. Your daddy got in bed next to me, and we chatted for a few minutes. All of sudden *bubble, bubble, bubble* you started moving. Within a moment, the bubbles became full out KICKS eliciting a “WOAH” from your mama. Kevin reached his hand over to my belly hoping to feel what I was feeling. We weren’t expecting anything, but then, “Was that you, Melanie?” Nope, that was definitely the baby!

We started giggling and our grins practically pierced the darkness in the room. The next five or ten minutes you were going to town, Daddy feeling every one of those kicks. It was incredible.

(side note: I had eaten a couple slices of cinnamon sugar toast just before bed and we’ve deduced that you love cinnamon. Your first big kick was at Taco Bell after munching on Cinnamon Twists last Thursday, August 13th.)

2015-08-20 18.00.42 with words//

Since that moment, my entire perspective seems to have shifted. I can’t describe the life changing moment in words or even telling someone with a smile broadening ear to ear. But your life is changing mine, Sweet Girl. As I learn to accept my new limitations, admit defeat, buy bigger sizes, and walk a whole lot slower, I am recognizing the sanctifying work of the Holy Spirit. God is using you to make me the woman He desires me to be. As much as I don’t feel ready for any of this, I can say with confidence that the five years of waiting was the Lord preparing my heart for this deep transformation. And for that I am thankful.

We can’t wait to see you, Daughter.


Your Mommy


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