Letters to My Kids, Pregnancy

Thirty Week Update

Here we are, Baby Girl, 30 weeks into our mother-daughter relationship. This 7th month has been – by far – my favorite. I have started taking prescription meds for the heartburn which is a medical blessing. I look unquestionably pregnant and don’t yet feel like a blimp. My energy level and emotions have been well-balanced. (Although you might want to ask your dad if that’s an accurate statement or not.)

first day of subbing selfie

Your movements are so frequent and definitive. I love it! I can press my hand to my belly and feel you press back. I can tell which body part is protruding (or I like to think I can). It is the coolest. You seem to be stubborn and/or mysteriously calmed whenever your daddy tries to feel the squirms and kicks. I hope he has that effect on you after birth too. (Please, Lord, let it be so.)

I am feeling more and more prepared and less fearful for the impending labor and delivery. This is mostly thanks to the Lord and to my 4 week Holy Yoga pre-natal instruction class I’m taking right now. Also, the weekly yoga  class I teach has been physically encouraging and helping me stay strong. It’s mentally calming to have many of the ladies tell me how much my trained breathing and focus in yoga will aid in childbirth. I have begun to pray earnestly for the process: that God would be my steadfast focus, and that I would seek his peace. May God keep us both safe, Little Girl, and deliver you strong and healthy into my weary, weepy arms. 

a sweet subbing gift from a sweet friend

Speaking of which, I cannot wait to hold you. And I’m almost more excited for your daddy to wrap his arms around you. It seems a little unfair – these months I get to spend just me and you.

I have been substitute teaching a few days a week. It’s been a healthy distraction from the ticking of time and a good challenge. The students have been wonderful for my self-confidence – telling me how beautiful I am, being excited about the baby, whispering in the hall about how I’m their favorite. Every single class tries to weasel your name out of me. “We don’t even know you! You can tell us!” But I’ve kept our little secret between just your dad and me. I have also been thrilled with my consistent headache-free state in which I return home. That’s a miracle, for real. I love telling stories about the kids or my teaching tactics, and your dad and I often go for a long walk or hit the $1 hour at Arby’s to talk. The only downside to teaching would have to be vomiting in public school restrooms. This morning was a first and I hope it’s the last.

subbing selfie. 30wks 3 days.

We are now to the point of bi-weekly prenatal appointments. It’s become a nicely predictable routine: blood pressure (~114/60), pulse (in the 80s or 90s which is way high for me, but good because hello extra liters of blood), weight (on target), baby’s heart beat (140bpm), belly measurement (right on schedule) and Q&A. All has been wonderfully “textbook” and we are so thankful. Plus we get to hang out with our dear friend and neighbor and worship team member and church board member, Cathy (our CNM), at every single visit. Kinda cool how that works. I think it’s funny to imagine what onlookers think as the three of us banter, as they have no clue how well we know one another.

Come quickly, Little One. (But not really soon. Wait at least 8 weeks.)




2 thoughts on “Thirty Week Update

  1. Is her name new? Or is it something you’ve had picked out for years? Seriously though, labour is hard but it goes by fast (and I was in active Labour for 25 hours) and you do forget the pain! My mom asked me 10 mins after he was out if I’d do it again and I said “in a heartbeat!”

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