Letters to My Kids, Pregnancy

Baby Girl’s Bedroom

Dear Baby Girl,

We are as prepared as we can be for your arrival. The task lists are completed, and we know that the next step is jumping into parenthood head first, ready or not. Before you join us on the outside, along with the sleepless, glorious, craziness that is sure to accompany you, I thought I’d share a sneak peak into your nursery.

I didn’t really want a “theme” room (elephants or Pooh or princess or whatnot). I just wanted a room that felt like you and me, together. So I chose a portrait as inspiration and went with the bright pink, mint, and burgundy color scheme. It sounds weird, but it works.

This first picture is as you walk in the door. It’s almost impossible for me to figure out how to properly set my camera to take into the bright light, so I apologize for the hazy/hack photo edit job.

IMG_4687 - 2

Curtains: Meijer
Rug: Aldi
Boppy Cover: garage sale find!

IMG_4684 Baby Girl, we hope you love to read as much as we do! You have a fantastic collection of books thanks to the many people who already love you! This shelf is mostly board books; there’s a large shelf in the closet with many more “bigger kid” books.


Under the end table is this cutesy basket filled with all the toys and rattles and cuddly things you received (tags still attached at the moment).


This incredible quilt was made by one of my mom’s longest friends, Peggy. The underside is a cozy flannel, and the quilting is just stunning. (Now I know what quilting is thanks to my friend, Tara.)


The crib an Amazon find, a gift from my grandparents and parents. It was put together by your daddy; I mostly just watched and handed him things as needed. It’s a 3-in-1 convertible bed, so it can become a toddler bed and one day a headboard/footboard for a double bed.


These are just a *few* of the MANY blankets you received. We have loads of muslin swaddle blankets, many hand-crocheted or knitted, and lots luxurious soft throws. There’s also a basket full of velcro swaddles and lots of spit rags (store bought and handmade, of every fabric you can imagine.)


Your changing station is all set up! This picture doesn’t include the cute mint cover we received with an Amazon gift card. The drawers are filled with your littlest outfits, socks, hats, sleepers, and 16 BumGenius all in one cloth diapers.

The prints are online purchases, and the lovely fans match just right – they’re from my Monroe Shower decorations, thanks to Amanda.


A few more decorations from the shower!  The pink afghan on top is one I made for you during General Conference in July.  The adorable owl tack quilt was made by Nancy Liedel from MFMC.


See that set of prints over your bed? That’s from Meijer! It really pulled the colors together nicely.

The bag on the door is my hospital bag, mostly ready with your things and mine. It was a Thirty One purchase, embroidered with “Eccles” on the front, from my mom. It will be a perfect carry-on or overnight bag.


And this print was designed by my good friend and amazing artist, Katrina. Three years ago I purchased some stationary from her Etsy shop and commented on that design, saying I hoped to one day have reason to buy it. She included it in my order as a gift, sending her prayers to cover us. I have saved it all those years and now proudly display it in your nursery, Little One.

For this child I have prayed.

1 Samuel 1:27


2 thoughts on “Baby Girl’s Bedroom

  1. Judy DeLoria says:

    This is beautiful, Melanie! And the end brought tears to my eyes. 2015 has been such a blessing to both of our families. Praise be to God.

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