Though our blogging endeavors have evolved over the years, we now write as we process a life in full time ministry, marriage and pursuit of holiness.

Infertility is a big part of our story. We’ve been waiting and praying for your arrival for a very long time since June 2010. Infertility is a journey neither of us ever thought we’d encounter. But God is faithful, and he has walked with us through the anger, the tears, the contentment, the desire. He knows our hearts and their longings to welcome you into this world very soon. Yet He is also sovereign, powerful over all things, and we are doing our best to cling close to Him no matter the outcome.

2014 5.31 Holz Wedding 517

These posts may share some of the details of our conception struggles, including our thoughts on why adoption is so difficult. We will probably write about some crazy memories we’ll make in our years of youth ministry. We’ll reflect on our quiet times with the Lord, how He speaks to our hearts, and how we hope you will grow to know him intimately. Kevin may talk about science-y things, or how to play flaming tennis ball catch (things Mel would never want you to know.) Melanie will probably write a lot about her feelings; she’s big into emotion.


MELANIE is the firstborn of two girls, the 4.0-GPA-Senior-Class-President-type, who graduated from Spring Arbor University in 2008 with a Bachelor’s in Philosophy/Religion and her MRS Degree. (*ahem* Kevin may or may not have predicted her subconscious pursuit of marriage within a week of meeting her freshmen year.) After 13 years of piano lessons, she found herself teaching 30 students in her own piano studio. She loves to bake sweet treats, read books, drink tea, run miles, and keep her life as structured and orderly as possible. Melanie is employed as the office manager and volunteering as worship director at the church her husband pastors. She is pursuing ordination through the Free Methodist Church and beginning a Master’s degree in August 2015. She’s a Social Realist, and she thinks plain M&Ms, Pretzels and Diet Coke are the perfect snacking combination.

IMG_0739KEVIN is the firstborn of two boys, Type A in all the ways his wife isn’t. He graduated from SAU with your mom, earning a BA in Chemistry. Long story short, completed the ordination process in the Free Methodist Church on May 29th, 2014 and graduated from Northeastern Seminary on May 17th, 2014 with a Master’s in Theological Studies. As of June 20th, 2014, Kevin was officially appointed as the Senior Pastor of Monroe Free Methodist Church (yes, back in his home state of Michigan). For fun, he loves compiling data into pretty spreadsheets, building outrageously awesome contraptions in Minecraft, and learning new “thinking” board games with his wife. He’s an avid reader and will spark a debate just to keep life interesting. As a Reliable Realist, he values respect and honesty in relationships, and can be found munching on nut and raisin mixtures, or eating green olives with chopsticks.

We pray our posts will bring joy, laughter, and encouragement to anyone else who happens upon them.


Kevin & Melanie



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